Theatre On Ice “ALEKO”

Theatre on Ice “Aleko” was founded in Moscow in 1977 on the base of sport school of Olympic reserve “Moskvich”. For long years “Aleko” was the only ice theatre in the country. Such outstanding sportsmen as Sochi 2014 figure skating Olympic champion Nikita Katsalapov and World and Europe figure skating championships prize winner Yana Khokhlova were training in the theatre.

Nowaday theatre on ice “Aleko” is a professional creative team with more than 120 children aged 4 till 17 years. “ALEKO” actors are masters of ice skates acrobatics, big rope, stilt-skates, ride unicycles on ice. Theatre repertory includes plays, fairy tales ballet, ice compositions, dance shows and ice miniatures.

We are world champions

Ice Ballet Cup of Nations (world championship) was held in 2013 in Logrono, Spain. The championship was arranged by figure skating federations of France, Spain and USA. Over 40 teams from 6 countries took part in this event. “Aleko” team became the winner of the world championship and Grand-Prix in JUNIOR (14-19 years) category.

First art director of theatre on ice “ALEKO” was Honored Artist of RSFSR, Moiseev ensemble soloist Ninel Mikhailovna Samsonova, and first trainers and teachers – USSR masters of sports Karpova E.N., Barskova O.L., Glakina M.O., Varyan N.P., choreographer Safronova O.V.

The first performances of the theatre were “Let the sun be always!”, “Wide my native country is!”, “Time ahead!”. Later the repertory was complemented with ballets “Aibolit” and “Schelkunchik” and stage show “I’m going, walking through Moscow”.

“Aleko” team participated in art program at the opening of XXII Olympic games in Moscow, 1980, XII International Youth and students Festival, International competition “Moscow news”.

Wide popularity were brought to the theatre by "The wizard of Oz", "The Snow Queen", "Sleeping Beauty", "Thumbelina" performances.

In 1989 “ALEKO” was entitled as “Examplary performance ensemble”.

Since 1994 theatre on ice Aleko takes their performances to Poland. Since then Polish theatre-goers receive theatre’s new performances with full house.

Since 1998 art director of the theatre is Kondrashova Olga Ilynichna. Having combines skating, choreography, acrobatics and modern dance trainers in the theatre she managed to create ice performances able to enslave hearts of theatre-goers in our country and abroad.

Olga Ilyinichna is not only a talented manager and director, but also a creator of unusually beautiful suits and music background.

In February 2012 Olga Ilinichna Kondrashova was entitled as “Honored Worker of physical culture, sports and tourism of Moscow”.

“ALEKO” ice theatre has many times took part in new year performances in “Olimpiyskiy” arena, theatre artists played together with famous figure skaters Irina Slutskaya, Aleksey Yagudin, Maria Petrova, Alexey Tikhonov. With their New Year performances theatre many times toured across Russia and abroad: Riga, Yaroslavl’, Ekaterinburg, Kazan and many others.

Each performance of “ALEKO” is a subject of unique choreography, staking technics and acrobatics.

Every year theater team participates international children ice dance festival held in “Luzhniki” Olympic arena and is Tenfold Grand-Prix winner and laureate in many categories.

Inspite the fact that first tour of ice theatre “ALEKO” took place yet in the beginning of 1980s in Sochi, it is still the only ice team regularly completing its repertory with new performances.

Theatre on ice “ALEKO” has almost toured the whole world around visited Europe, South and North America, African countries, Oman, Poland, Argentina, Finland, Katar, Canada, Lebanon, France, Dubai, Italy, Spain.

Theatre on ice “ALEKO” holds numerous prizes and awards. Team participants are annual victors at Moscow, Russian and international festivals and competitions both held in Russia and foreign countries.

Theatre on Ice “ALEKO” is also awarded with a Certificate of Merit for participation in Paralympic Torch Relay in 2014.

Theatre team also has special gratitude from Minister of Sport, tourism and youth politics for its substantial contribution to sports development in our country.